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A Kodachrome U-Boat on Cajon

A very distinctive C30–7 leads an SD40–2, GP50, GP39–2 trio of EMDs eastbound at milepost 61X. At the back another EMD no-two-the-same trio comprised of a GP35, GP20, and GP39–2 assist with the climb to Summit.

Baldwins in the Rain Part One: Switching

A pair of Tronoa Railway AS616s switch west of Trona at Pinnacle in the rain. 

Baldwins in the Rain Part Two: Departing

Finished switching, Tronoa Railway AS616s depart Pinnacle in the rain with three cars.

Getting Underway

Scene One: a westbound Rio Grande coal train eases into motion atop Soldier Summit, Utah. Scene Two: a Montana Rail Link eastbound departs Frenchtown, Montana. Scene Three: a westbound Southern Pacific gets away from a meet at Mecca, California. Scene Four: two Union Pacific GEs start an eastbound out of Milford, Utah. Scene Five: a Burlington Northern quartet of SD40–2s, including an ex-Soo SD40–2B, start south from Kansas City, Missouri on the old Frisco.

The SP & the Bicycle Race

The person that determined the route of the 1992 Redlands, California bicycle race apparently forgot to factor in the number of trains that climb San Timoteo Canyon each day.

Four Trains Through Turner Jct.

The date is July 1993, and it had been raining almost up to the moment this video started, then it just became oppressively humid. First through was an eastbound CNW that had finished with a set out. Next came a Soo/CP detour, and then another CNW eastbound. The last was the normally nocturnal Elgin, Joliet & Eastern with three SD38–2 moving loads of coke.